Joseph Owen (86) was born in Utica, NY. He went to the College of Forestry, Syracuse University before enlisting in the military. His military service lasted from March 1943 to May 1952. During his service period, he went to Inchon and was stationed at Inchon-Seoul, Wonsan and Chosin Reservoir from September 1950 to December 1950. He served in Company B, 7th Marines, 1st Marines Division as a private, and had transitioned to 1st Lieutenant by the time of his discharge. He was an Infantry Platoon Commander and participated in the battles of Inchon-Seoul, Wonsan, and Chosin Reservoir. For his commitments, he received multiple awards for his commitments in the Korean War, including a Silver Star, Purple Heart, Good Conduct, Korean ***/Asiatic Pacific. After returning to United States, he went to the US Naval Hospital to recover from his wounds. After being discharged from the military, he began learning marketing/business.