Frank Montolio (81) was born in Detroit, Michigan. He had been employed as an accountant before being drafted on February 4, 1952 in Detroit. He arrived in Incheon in August 1952, and was stationed at Wonju and Hongchon, serving as the Supply SGT. He says he remembers Wallace Dilts, Jack Mills, Dale Christiansen, and Joe Chirichio. He returned to the United States on December 24, 1953, and was discharged on January 25 of the following year. After returning and being discharged, Frank used his GI Bill to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in college as an accounting major, and had various jobs from the Asst. Controller for Detroit. In 1961, he moved to Massachusetts and owned a business in the recreation field. His hobbies now include golfing, having a vegetable garden, and reading.