Leo G. Ruffing (81) was born in Pittsburgh, PA. He enlisted in the army on September 1948, and enlisted in the US Air force in February 1952. He arrived in Incheon in the Spring of 1951, and was stationed on Chun Cheon as a part of the “M” Company, 32nd regiment, 7th infantry division. He was a PVT, being in charge of heavy weapons (4.2 mortars) and the infantry guard duty. He received the KSM UN Medal, US Navy Civilian Commendation, Japanese Occupation, Good Conduct, and USAF Commendation medal. He remembers friend Lt. Arthur K. Knepley, MSGT Earl P. Vowh, and SSGT McCoy. He left Korea and returned to the US in late November 1951, and was discharged on December 13, 1951. He then enlisted in the USAF until he retired on May 1, 1976. After retirement, he went to grad school and the seminary, and worked for Volunteers of America, as well as taught the eighth grade. The most memorable experience of the war for him was watching battle and dealing with children and missionaries. What impacted him most were the children and refugees. His hobbies now include reading biographies, history books, and genealogies, as well as traveling.