Edmund Leon Reel (84) was born in Moorefield, West Virginia, and was just out of high school when he enlisted on August 24, 1947 at Ft. Meade, MD. He arrived in Pusan, Korea, on August 25, 1950, and was stationed at POW Camp 3, which was a hard labor camp. He was a part of the 1st Cav., and was a Corporal. He participated in many campaigns and battles, such as the Bowling Alley, Pyongyang, Chosin, and Unson. Edmund’s specialty was the infantry. For his commitments, he was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, the US Presidential Citation, the Purple Heart, the POW Medal, the Bronze Star with Valor, the Good Conduct Award, the Japanese Occupation, the National Defense award, the Korean Service Award with 3 battle stars, the UN Service Medal, and the Korean Presidential Citation. He remembers many friends, including Father Emil Kapaun, Ray Huoson, Kevin Narrow, Ray Unger, William Cole, and Charles Elder. After he rotated home from Korea on August 25, 1953, he stayed in the army, until he was discharged on April 1, 1975. After he was discharged, he attended trade school Lambert Pump & Tanic. His hobbies now include watching football and Nascar. He is currently a part of Chapter 313, Shenandoah.