Stan Jones (84) was born in Oak Park, Illinois, and was working in the sales department of a chair factory before he decided to enlist at Springfield, Massachusetts. His military service was carried out from October 1952 to February 19, 1954. During his service period, he went to Pusan, Korea (October 1952) and was stationed in Suwan and Sosa, in the 44th Brigade. He served as a S/SGT. His specialty was the ballistic meteorology. For his commitments, he received the Good Conduct award, the AM Defense Award, the US Korean Service Award, the Korean Service V.N., and the Korean Korean Service Award. He remembers Gail Grissom as one of his friends from the war. After returning from rotation and was discharged, he went to work in sales for the paper industry. He is currently a part of the Cape & Islands Chapter 1.