Jack Allen (decd. 2015) was born in Cortland, NY. Before enlisting in the military, he graduated from high school in Newark Valley, NY in June 1947. During his service period, he went to Inchon in September 1950. He served in H Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Regiment as a corporal, and he had transitioned to SSgt by the time of his discharge. He was a field telephone wireman, and participated in the Inchon Landing Recapture of Kimpo Airfield and Recapture of Seoul from September 15, 1950 to October 11, 1950. Allen was in action against enemy aggression in Chosin Reservoir and Koto - RI area of Korea – from November 27, 1950 to December 11, 1950. For his commitments, he received a Purple Heart, Good Conduct, Navy OCC with European Clasp, Korea Service Medal with 1 Clasp, and Presidential Unit Citation with 1 clasp.