Larry Kinard (83) was born in Cisco, TX. At the time the war started in June, 1950, he had graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an Artillery 2nd Lt. commission in the U S Army and was employed by a Utility company in Monahans, TX. After graduation, he had been assigned to a Reserve unit in Midland, Texas that was activated in September 1950. The Reserve unit was sent to Camp Chaffee, Arkansas to train infantry replacements for the war in Korea. He stayed at Camp Chaffee, except for 3 TDY at FT. Sill, until January, 1952 when he was promoted to 1st Lt and given orders for FECOM. In March 1952, he flew from Travis AFB to Japan, then by train to Gifu where he attended the CBR School, which seemed to be a requirement for all officers going to Korea. In early April he arrived in Pusan and then by train to Taegue where he was assigned to the 3rd Infantry Div., 39th Field Artillery, 15th Reg. His specialty was a Forward Observer MOS 1189 and served with the 1st ROK Division and Item Company of the 15th Regiment. He participated in battles along the Imjin River on Kelly Hill and Big and Little Nora. For his commitments, he received the UN medal, Campaign medal w/ 1 bronze star, Defense Service medal, and Reserve Mobilization medal. Among the friends he recalls are KATUSAs, Sun Jae Kwan, Ba Bok Duk, who were on his FO team and Sgt. Lee and Capt. Tan in the ROK company he served with and Doug McKinley who was in C Battery as an FO with him. After returning to the States, he returned to his job in Monahans with the same Electric Utility and retired from that Company in 1992. Now, his hobbies include golf, KWVA and volunteering for charitable organizations.