Herbert Yuttal (82) was born in New York City. He was attending college when he was drafted in Dallas, TX. His military service was carried out from 1955 to May 1958. During his service period, he went to Pusan, Korea in 1951, where he served in Battery B, 49th Field Artillery and had transitioned to the role of sergeant by the time of his discharge. He participated in the Chinese Spring Offensive (Spring and Summer), Operation Killer Chorwan Ni, Old Baldy Hawachen Ni, No Name Hill, and Heartbreak Ridge. His specialty was as a forward observer. When he rotated home from Korea in March 1952, he returned to school. Upon being discharged in February 1957, he began working at several airlines, including North American, Central and Fleetways. Now, his hobbies include flying and target shooting. He belongs to KWVA Chapter 270.