Chaplain Ralph Smith Jr.(83) was born in Bellflower, IL. He had recently completed a semester in a Master’s program at University of Illinois when he enlisted at Bloomington, IL in August 1950. He arrived near Inchon in May 1953 and was stationed in I Corps 2nd Infantry Division on the Central Front. He served as a 2nd Lt in C Company, 23rd Inf. Regt., 1st Battalion. He participated in Outpost Harry (July 1953) and specialized as an infantry platoon leader. For his commitments he received a CIB, Bronze Star, and Airborne Wings. From the war, he still recalls his platoon and company soldiers as well as Co. Commander 1st Lt. Karns (Lima, OH). When he returned from his rotation in 1953, he completed his Master of Education at University of Arizona (1955), and after his discharge, he taught health and physical education at Tuscon High School in Arizona. His hobbies include swimming, reading, and visiting the YMCA and the Irving Senior Center. He currently belongs to the Sam Johnson Chapter 270 in Richardson, TX.