Title : 278 R.C.T. from FR. Devens at the beer hall
Subject : Recreation, Socializing, beer, RCT, training,
Description : CAMP STONEMAN NEAR SAN FRANCISCO, SOME OF THE 278 R.C.T FROM FT. DEVENS, MARSS. BASIC TRAINING. THE BEER HALL (L~R: 1st line - Joe Leo, Luck,Bert Bozzuto, Bender, Tomy Draga, Sehuctz scvchtz, Bob Brewster, Thad?, Mabin, Dwicett / 2nd line - Mains, Bob Zehander, Mcarty, George Russell, Al Carrario, Wayne Mansfield ), When boarding ship the band played "So long it's been good to know yah!" pupular song, singer was guy mitchell. Doyle and some of the gang on the hase ship, the rest went on the brewster ship schylerville/thomson, NY.
Coverage : 1951-2, San francisco
Creator : Peter Doyle
Publisher : Peter Doyle
Contributor : Jongwoo Han
Rights : KWVA veterans & KWVDA
Date : 1951-2