A Short History of the Development of KWVDM

1. The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs of Syracuse University created a lecture series named after Ambassador Pyo Wook Han (Syracuse University graduate of1941 in Philosophy, founder of the Korean Embassy in Washington D.C. in 1948, and ambassador to five countries) on Korean-US Affairs in 2000. Members of the Korean War Veteran’s Association, Central New York Chapter #105, Inc., were invited to this lecture series.
1951, President RHEE Seung-man (L), Ambassador HAN Pyo-wook (R) (The First Secretary, Philosophy ‘41, Syracuse University)

2. On May 12, 2005, at the 5th Ambassador Pyo Wook Han Lecture series on Korean-US Affairs, the Professor Han and former Acting President of Republic of Korea (a recipient of an Honorary Degree in Law from Syracuse University in 2001, two-time Prime Minister, and two time Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government) discussed the best way (digital memorial) to permanently preserve Korean War Veterans’ memories and artifacts after KWVs showed many pictures on Korean War.
From left to right: Ambassador to the UN Young-jin Choi, former Acting President Goh Kun (center), members of KWV Chapter #105, and Amb. Han Lecture Director Jongwoo Han

Mayor Goh receiving an honorary Syracuse University Law School degree from Chancellor Nancy Cantor of Syracuse University in 2011

3. On March 26, 2006, the KWV’s Association, Central New York Chapter #105, Inc., led by President Dave Allen and Principal of the Central New York Korean School Dr. Jongwoo Han proposed to construct the KWVDM with the Chapter #105’s unanimous support . On May 19, 2006, the The Post-Standard, a local Syracuse newspaper, covered the decision in their article, “Web site aims to keep Korea veterans' sacrifice alive,” written by columnist Sean Kirst.

4. Since then, despite numerous efforts, funding for this project had not been secured until the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affair of the Republic of Korea has decided to fund this pilot project of the Korean War Veterans Digital Memorial in early 2011. (Attach the links of series of newspaper coverage here)

北 미사일보다 韓•美 분열 더 위험” (6/28/2006, Chosun)

“중부뉴욕 한국인학교-한국전참전용사회 디지털도서관 추진” (6/3/2006, Donga)

“한국전 때 중공군 포위망 뚫고 구사일생” (4/3/2007, Joongang)

"한국전 참전용사 디지털박물관 만들자" (12/2/2008, The Korean Times Atlanta)

“한종우 시라큐스대 교수, 10년간 美참전용사 포털 구축” (1/16/2011, MK news)

5. With funding, Mr. Norman Champagne (Vice President of CNY Chapter #105) and Director Han with his team (Youngseek Kim, Ph.D. student, i-School; In-Kyung Choi, Master student, i-School; Jinhee Park graduate from the VPA Film Department; Jihyung Lee, undergraduate, Industrial Design; and Janet Lee, graduate student, Architecture began to work on collecting interviews and artifacts from members of KWVs of Chapter 105 during the month of May. Professor Han’s team began to work on the design of the database and metadata of the digitized artifacts. 6. On June 23, 2011, the largest news agency in Korea, the Yonhap News Agency, featured a series of articles about the KWVDM. Following the lead of Yonhap, other newspapers and news media began to report on KWVDM. (Attach the links of those articles and other articles here)

“미 참전용사 4명이 회상하는 한국전쟁” The Korean War in Memories of 4 KWVs (6/22/2011, Yonhap news)
“미군 참전용사 자료로 본 한국전쟁” The Korean War in KWV DM (6/22/2011, Yonhap news)
“인터뷰: 미 시라큐스 대 한종우 교수” An Interview with Professor Han (6/22/2011, Yonhap news)
“한국전쟁 참전용사 사이버 납골당 만든다.” (6/22/2011, Korea Radio Broadcasting)
“한국전 참전용사 자료 전산화” (6/22/2011, Atlanta Chosun)
“한국전 세계 참전용사들 자료 한인 전산화 추진 주도” (6/22/2011, The Korean Times Chicago)
“한국전 참전용사 자료, 10월 美서 전산화” (6/22/2011, 시사 News plus)
“Korean War to come alive on tech-savvy Web site” (6/23/2011, Korea Joongang daily)
“한국전 참전용사 소장 자료 디지털화” (7/11/2011, KBS world)
“한국전 기념 전자도서관 월말 개관” (11/1/2011, Radio Free Asia)
“한국전 기념 전자도서관 미국서 개관” (11/2/2011, Nocut news)
“전 세계 어디서나 한국전쟁 정보검색 가능” (11/2/2011, Korean National Security Net)
“6•25전쟁 기록 美전자도서관 이달말 개관” (11/3/2011, KTV 한국정책방송)
“Korean War veterans conference” (11/3/2011, Patriot Ledger)
“A sacrifice that mattered: Saying thanks for 'The Forgotten War' “ (11/11/2011, The Post-Standard)

7. On October 29-31, 2011, Director Han and his team (In-Kyung Choi and Fotini Gan, undergraduate, International Relations) with Mr. Champagne were invited to the National Convention of the Korean War Veterans Association to present the prototype of the KWV DM. All the participants enthusiastically supported the construction of KWVDM and invited Professor Han and his team for their own participation in the collection of interviews and artifacts. Korean War veterans conference (11/3/2011)
Korean War Veterans Digital Memorial: Progress report, KWVA National Convention in Boston and prospects for expansion (Korean Version)

8. In November of 2011, the prototype of the KWVDM was completed for public access and will be expanded to include other KWVs in other states according to a 5-year expansion plan .